Colin Harrison, Director, founded Kestrel Energy Solutions in 2018 to provide professional consultancy services with a focus on commercial and technical aspects of the natural gas & LNG and energy industry.

Colin brings 35 years of experience in project studies, commercial agreements, transactions and strategic plans on oil and gas & LNG midstream and downstream projects, predominately in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Kestrel can manage and mobilise a team of experienced energy experts to form multidisciplinary teams to a wide variety of requirements. Our staff and specialist associates are all experts in their areas with solid up-to-date energy industry experience and a huge range of skills and knowledge.

Why Kestrel Energy Solutions

  • Energy Transaction Expertise:

    Leading advisor facilitating transactions across the full oil and gas value chain to downstream markets (gas monetisation, gas to power, LNG imports, pipelines and fuels storage, refining and petrochemicals).
  • Team with Comprehensive Offering:

    Our experience stretches from strategic planning, market assessments to techno-economic project analysis, financial reviews, commercial agreements and negotiation support plus dispute resolutions.
  • Energy Markets & Economic Modeling:

    Extensive gas & LNG and power market forecasts and pricing expertise, bespoke global and regional market models, plus project economic modelling.
  • Experience Advising on Large-Scale Energy Projects:

    Long-term experience in providing market, financial, commercial and technical support for implementation of large-scale energy projects (FRSUs and LNG import terminals, pipelines, storage and power) in EMEA and Asia.


Gas & LNG

Kestrel’s team has experience of numerous international gas and LNG projects providing bespoke insight and honest appraisal of project developments and transactions. Kestrel primarily focuses on midstream and downstream advisory services, for example from wellhead to market solutions (LNG and pipelines) projects, new market entry (floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs)), integrated gas monetisation (power, fertilizer, petrochemicals, gas-to-liquid (GTL) and fuels).

Kestrel offers techno-economic, commercial and strategic advice, which leverages our strong understanding of the market and pricing fundamentals.  Our bespoke global and regional market supply and demand analysis explores all aspects of the gas and LNG supply chain that supports our work on commercial agreements and negotiations. 

Kestrel’s team and associates have extensive experience in undertaking economic and financial project assessments for conceptual studies to transaction due diligence, including commercial expertise on pipelines and LNG import schemes (land based and FSRUs).  Our experts advise on transportation tariffs, tolling charges, network codes, commercial supply and sales arrangements and project finance options. 

Our team and associate experts have direct technical, commercial, economic and regulatory experience in the gas and LNG sector.  Such expertise allows us to develop intuitive insights, provide robust and compelling advice, as well as workable integrated solutions and recommendations.


Kestrel provides bespoke insight and appraisal of the crude oil and refined product markets and projects, with a primary focus on the midstream (storage and pipelines) and downstream oil sectors.

Kestrel offers techno-economic, commercial, strategic advice and oil market and pricing analysis.  Kestrel’s team members have experience in country market supply and demand analysis, conceptual and pre-feasibility studies, and transaction due diligence reviews for oil refineries, storage terminal and pipeline projects. 

Our experts advise on commercial arrangements, transportation tariffs and investments using economic models to illustrate its analysis. Kestrel can support oil sector clients on energy security, continuity issues and on fuel substitution options, which have emerged due to fuel supply risks and pricing trends. 

Our experts are highly experienced in conducting technical due diligence reviews and risk assessments on midstream and downstream assets, including oil refining, petrochemical, pipelines and terminal facilities.