Kestrel team members have a wealth of previous and recent project experiences on gas and LNG and oil consultancy assignments providing commercial, market and techno-economic services. A selection is provided below:

Nigeria to Morocco Gas Pipeline Pre-Feasibility Study, West Africa

Kestrel’s Director managed the commercial and market aspects of the Nigeria to Morocco Gas Pipeline study which included a detailed assessment of the gas and energy markets in Morocco, Mauritania and 15 ECOWAS countries. Market analysis featured an assessment of the projected fuel and energy mix up to 2050 and gas balance, assessing planned new upstream indigenous developments and potential gas production profiles, power transition, gas and LNG projects and competing fuel supplies. Developed a project economic model to assess multiple pipeline configurations and tariff structures to evaluate the commercial viability of the cross-border pipeline.

WAGP Tariff Structure, Ghana

Kestrel team are advising the West African Gas Pipeline Company with economic and financial analysis on transportation tariff and strategic business analysis. Kestrel conducted regional gas market analysis and explored the competitive threats to the WAGP operation from alternative projects. The economic and financial analyses of the WAGP included proposals for new gas tariff structures, based on international best practices.

LNG Import Terminal Bid Reviews and Strategy, Bahrain

Kestrel’s Director managed the Bahrain LNG regasification terminal project evaluation of the technical and commercial tenders. Colin reviewed and assessed various proposed import configurations and LNG supply agreements from international players. Bids were assessed and ranked on various criteria, including overall costs, schedule and commercial terms and LNG pricing. The overall report advised on the optimum strategic solutions for the import terminal project and on the commercial strategy for LNG, while considering domestic gas demand scenarios and blending issues with domestic gas quality.

LNG FSRU and Power Workshop, UAE and Spain

Kestrel’s Director led an interactive capacity building workshop for Jordan Ministry of Energy and NEPCO delegates on FSRU operations, LNG markets and power mix gap analysis on behalf of the World Bank. The 4-day workshop held in Dubai also scrutinised Jordan’s projected future energy demands and risks using a SWOT analysis technique, provided insight on the security of gas supply and global oil and gas trends. This was followed by a one-day site visit of a land-based LNG terminal in Spain and presentation made on the pros and cons of land versus floating LNG import terminals in context of Jordan’s long term ambitions.

Gas & LNG Supply and Strategic Infrastructure Study, South Africa

Kestrel’s Director managed an integrated domestic natural gas supply and LNG import option study for the supply of gas to a proposed power plant CCGT conversions in South Africa. The study included the techno-economic evaluations of various LNG import locations using FSRUs and an assessment of gas supplies from a new offshore gas field development (Ibhubesi). The integrated study involved an assessment of potential gas pipeline infrastructure routes and configurations, with comparative project economics and tariff estimates for the various supply options. The second phase involved commercial support to the gas and LNG buyer – assessing commercial agreements (GSA) and developing procurement strategies for the gas and LNG supply negotiations.

Gas Market Study, Oman

Kestrel’s Director managed a gas market study providing a detailed review of country gas and supply balance plus regional gas pricing analysis. This involved developing forecasts for domestic gas demand and gas supply, including estimates for future gas production profiles and likely gas/LNG import and export scenarios. The study provided insight into the security of gas supply within the country and examined other key issues such as the outlook for reserves and domestic gas production costs which influence future the commercialisation of future gas to power operations and new projects.

Due Diligence on LNG Import Terminals, Europe

Kestrel’s Director led a technical and commercial due diligence review on UK and Spanish LNG Regasification Terminals during commercial operations, on behalf of Japanese gas utility company. The site visits included an assessment of LNG import terminal, associated utilities and marine facilities operations and maintenance, management and plant procedures, health & safety and environment plus associated permits and procedures. Review of the terminal contractual agreements and operational cost analysis and risk assessment input to the client’s financial advisor.

Gas Utilisation and Strategic Study, Kazakhstan

Kestrel’s Director led a study to provide a shortlist of solutions for utilising associated gas planned from an oil field development, onshore Kazakhstan. The utilisation study required a phased screening and analysis of potential gas monetization solutions. The numerous options considered incorporated: local community schemes; product exports, ranging from power generation, fertiliser, methanol and GTL for domestic industrial fuels, and gas storage to conserve gas for use later in the PSA’s life, including product market analysis. Throughout the work, progress on narrowing down possible gas utilization solutions was facilitated by regular workshops with the client to discuss solutions and shortlist options.

Gas Reformer Technology Market Study, EMEA

Kestrel’s Director managed the market study for a new reformer process technology to assess the market potential for land-based applications for this small-scale natural gas reformer particularly for gas to power generation. Kestrel was commissioned to assess the potential benefits of using the reformer for upgrading natural gas supplies and LPG rich gas to supply gas engines and gas turbines for power generation.

LPG Market Study, Sierra Leone

Kestrel’s Director managed a comprehensive assessment of the current and potential LPG market outlook in Sierra Leone. Site visits included reviews of the infrastructure in place, wholesale and retail market distribution centres plus interviews with with government energy departments, traders, shippers, retailers and end users in Freetown to understand what programs and incentives exist for the use of LPG as a clean fuel. The assessment considered the competing fuel markets, logistical constraints and regional and local energy trends, plus forecast demand growth.

Refined Product Pipeline Project Economics and Market Study, Laos

Kestrel’s Director manged an oil product market analysis for Laos, including regional supply and demand and product to determine the current and future potential for a new product pipeline. The pipeline sizing was optimised to competitively capturing the domestic and export product market displacing road trucking. The technical analysis was coordinated with the technical pipeline contractor for project costs and typical schedule. The team developed the project economic spreadsheet to evaluation the various pipeline diameter options using IRR, NPV and sensitivity analysis to evaluate the transport tariffs versus the projected tariff for road trucks.

Commercial Due Diligence on Refined Products, Australia

Kestrel’s Director managed a commercial due diligence review on retail and wholesale refined products assets for sale in Western Australia, on behalf of a global trader looking to purchase mature assets and enter a new geographic market. The review included an assessment of the costs and long-term competitiveness of the assets, and included projections of the local and global refined product market.